Stopping Indiegogo. But we’ll be back!

27 February 2017

Due to unmet goal at Indiegogo, we decided to stop the campaign and fully refund all of our backers. Yeah, it is a pity, but we eventually believe that Indiegogo may not be the right move to speed up the production process. However, we would like to give heartfelt thanks to those who supported and backed the campaign. You just can’t imagine the amount of motivation you have provided to the team.

We are certain that the reason for the campaign not meeting its objective is the lack of fully functional wheels to be tested by practitioners and the media.

Regarding the status of the R&D, we must note that at this point we have already field-tested the WhiteCrow Hub prototypes in our bikes for thousands of miles, many including extremely challenging conditions. They are a pleasure to ride “just as a hub”, providing a very rigid wheel ride, an exceptionally responsive freewheel and high degree of safety with the in-tire chamber.

As for the next step, I’ll take this to the community to discuss on the engineering aspects and other ideas to truly bring the hub to life. Happy to discuss on your opinion here, over Facebook, Twitter or your favorite community forum.

Xavier Serret
Chief Riding Officer